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News :

  • 05.10.07 News :
    Support iPhone & iPod Touch !! Click here !
  • 27.09.07 News :
    Added 行列 and 倉頡速成* and Wiki 輸入法

    *For 倉頡速成 , After you type , when you see a word after "速" , then the word which starting by 速成 IME.

Start Leies 輸入法
↑ You can use "Leies IME Pro" in your own browser and you can use "Leies IME Pro" as "Widget" in any web page.
Just Bookmark above link in your browser and click it ! "Leies IME Pro" will launch in the current page.

☆ You can bookmark to your browser by...
  ★ [Firefox, Opera, Safari] Drag and Drop to the Personal Bookmark bar
  ★ [Internet Explore] Right-click the bookmark, select add it to the Favorites to add to the Links folder.

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Common INPUT box and TEXTAREA::

RichEdit (IE and Firefox only)::

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